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Interstate All Battery Center

Jumpstarting Business with Sports Advertising

Nick Kreger might be running a store that’s part of a national brand, but he knows the importance of maintaining his local roots. He’s the general manager of Interstate All Battery Center in Sioux Falls, SD, where he knows his business advertising needs to hit the mark with his community and his customers.

“Interstate Batteries has a strong national brand, and we can use their commercials. However, being here in Sioux Falls, we wanted our advertising to look and feel local,” said Kreger. “We wanted them to feature our people and offer our customers a familiar face when they walked in the door. Midco helped us capture that look and feel.”

Kreger partnered with a Midco advertising consultant, who took the time to learn about his business and business goals. Together, they’ve developed a series of advertising campaigns focused on his overall brand as well as seasonal products. “We have different products we want to highlight during different times of the year. Working with Midco, we could put those products right in front of our specific audience and then change them out as the season changes,” said Kreger.

“Our consultant is professional and helps us figure out what we need, but there is never an aggressive sales pitch.”

Knowing Your Customer

Nationally, Interstate Batteries targets a lot of advertising to sports fans, and Kreger knows that’s the right demographic for his local store, too. As a result, he’s found he can score big with Midco’s sports advertising packages – particularly with college basketball and professional golf fans.

“Sports advertising is the perfect fit, because it’s really who we are. It fits our identity nationally as well as our local brand,” said Kreger. “We could spend a ton of money marketing to a diverse crowd, because our products truly are diverse. But it’s nice to narrow it by sporting event and know exactly who you’re talking to.”

A True Partnership

From start to finish, the Midco advertising team works with businesses to make campaigns successful. Kreger’s Midco advertising consultant not only guided and advised him on the best cable TV networks to place his ads – but Midco’s award-winning creative team also worked with him to write, design and produce his TV commercials.

“Working with Midco has definitely been easy. Our consultant is professional and helps us figure out what we need, but there is never an aggressive sales pitch. She helps us set our direction,” said Kreger. “Whatever it is you want to do, Midco can help you do it.”

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