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Looking for unmatched phone reliability? At Midco, you'll get the best in digital phone services and value, all from a local company. Plus, our 24-hour customer service comes standard with everything we offer.

You can order online or talk with a consultant in your area. You can also check availability at your service address now.

Digital Line

  • Customized service at no additional cost
  • Pay only for the features you use

$20 per

5-year contract
(Reg. $35 per mo.)

Additional Phone Options

  • Long Distance: If you need long distance, we've got you covered. With our low rates, reliability and 24/7 customer service, we support your business on every call.
  • Toll-Free: Make it easy for all customers to get ahold of you. You’ll have options to offer this service nationally, regionally or statewide, and route calls anywhere you choose.
  • Voicemail with eVOICE: You can add voicemail to your digital phone line. You will also get voicemail messages through your email. Whether you are in the office or away, you will always be able to pick up your important messages.
  • Simultaneous Ring: Always be there to answer your customer’s call. When you use simultaneous ring (also known as SIM ring), you can program your main phone line to ring up to four phones in your office.
  • International Calling: If you regularly do business in countries or territories outside the U.S., view our international phone rates. Please note that rates are for outgoing calls made in the U.S.

There are many other features and add-ons to customize and get the most value from your Midco phone service. For more details and to learn how to use these tools, view our phone support information.

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