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Are you looking for ideas to help your business tech, connectivity and innovation? The Midco® Business Insight Center is your go-to place to learn about technology and solution considerations, innovation and industry trends, announcements and the real-life experiences of businesses like yours.

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Preparing for Emergencies

  • Posted: 09.14.2022

Emergencies can happen at any time. That’s why Midco is continuously striving to be prepared for whatever comes our way. See how we’re working to keep you connected.

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What is the cloud and how does it work?

  • Posted: 08.18.2022

The elusive cloud – what is it? Hundreds of cloud providers out there offer storage services to support business technology. Find out why a dedicated internet connection is ideal for protecting company data.

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Delivering Solutions with Business Customer Care

  • Posted: 08.11.2022

Every Midco Business customer has access to the problem-solving minds of the Midco Business Customer Care team. But this department goes well beyond troubleshooting problems. See how deeply they are invested in each client who calls.

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Case Studies

Pet Grooming Biz Booming After Advertising

  • Posted: 07.20.2022

The Midco advertising team customized an ad campaign to help the newly opened pet grooming business All Pro Pet Spa LLC grow their customer base in only a few short months.

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Midco Invests $30 Million in Next-Gen Fiber

  • Posted: 06.02.2022

Midco is leaping ahead with Fiber Forward, an investment that uses the company’s robust fiber network and next-gen fiber tech to bring 10 Gig speeds to Lawrence and its surrounding communities.

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Are business services your work-from-home solution?

  • Posted: 02.21.2022

You run your business from home like a boss, but if you’re using a connection not optimized for your business needs, you may be missing out. From dedicated support to faster speeds, check all the advantages of business internet services.

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How to Make the Switch to Hosted VoIP

  • Posted: 02.10.2022

Assessing your business phone needs? Find out if a hosted voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solution is an effective tool for improving your communication with customers and companywide.

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Understand Your Internet Connection

  • Posted: 01.27.2022

Not all internet is created equal. From speed to the quality of the connection, read about the differences and which one is right for your business.

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