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Are you looking for ideas to help your business tech, connectivity and innovation? The Midco® Business Insight Center is your go-to place to learn about technology and solution considerations, innovation and industry trends, announcements and the real-life experiences of businesses like yours.

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RFP Checklist: Top 4 Things Your Request Needs

  • Posted: 11.20.2023

The more thorough your request for proposal, the better responses you’ll receive. Here are the top four things you need in your RFP to streamline the process and get the best bids from potential vendors.

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Private Networking to Connect All Your Locations

  • Posted: 10.11.2023

Using private networking to connect multiple locations has its benefits, but understanding how it works can be complex. We explain common terms, as well as some key differences between different types of two networking layers.

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Our Network Innovations in One Minute

  • Posted: 06.22.2023

World-class service depends on innovation. In just over a minute, we explain how Midco is preparing our fiber network to meet the needs of businesses across the Midwest into the future.

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Our Network Improvements in One Minute

  • Posted: 06.22.2023

You need internet that works without interruption, and that is exactly what Midco Business offers. In one minute, we show you how we’re strengthening our network’s resiliency, redundancy and scalability to ensure you’re always connected.

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