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Case Studies

The Whole Package: Advertising with Midco

Read time: 5 min. 

When you’re in business for more than 65 years, you learn how to adapt with the changing times. Since opening their first store almost seven decades ago, Nyberg’s Ace has kept the family business thriving. For the past 15 years, they’ve partnered with our advertising experts at Midco to help get their message out into the world and customers in the door. 

Find What Your Business Needs to Succeed

With advertising services from Midco, businesses can have an entire plan created from start to finish. From developing creative assets to reporting on results, we help guide Nyberg’s Ace to the strategy that will be the best for their organization – and budget. 

“The benefits of working with Midco is the ease of strategically directing your advertising dollars,” said Kevin Nyberg, owner of Nyberg’s Ace. “There’s a lot of different means of advertising that Midco offers, and we take advantage of a lot of them, and they all work together. It’s been very important for our traffic in our organization.”

To keep places like Nyberg’s Ace top of mind, we build a comprehensive advertising plan that puts their business in the path of potential customers. We work together to formulate the tactics that will perform the best for their desired demographic. Whether it’s creating a commercial, sparking interest with pre-roll ads or connecting with paid social options, our advertising specialists recommend the best tactics to capture their audience. 

“Today, digital marketing is so important, and it's nice to team up with Midco,” said Nyberg. “We can reach our customers anytime, anywhere. Digital marketing has changed the aspect of advertising and Midco does it so well.”

“Advertising has changed so dramatically over the years, and with the help of Midco, we’ve been able to pick up on all the different avenues of advertising and focus on what’s best for our business.”

Stepping Up with Sports Advertising

Nyberg’s Ace also utilizes the advertising power of Midco Sports to reach the people they want – a huge advantage to businesses like Nyberg’s.

“The advantage of advertising on Midco Sports is targeting your marketing audience,” explained Nyberg. “A lot of people are watching football, baseball, hockey – you name it. 

Covering these different demographics through Midco Sports allows Nyberg’s Ace to turn fans of local and regional sports into fans of their business. 

“We do get feedback from customers,” said Nyberg. “They say, I see you on TV. I was watching the Twins game or SDSU football or Augustana Hockey. So, it’s an affordable means of advertising where we can reach a lot of people through Midco Sports with a great impact.”

A Strategic Partnership

No matter the size or the length of the campaign, our Midco advertising experts are ready to bring forward the latest and most impactful market trends. 

“Our customer representative comes to us with the direction that he suggests would benefit us the most,” said Nyberg. “That's been very, very helpful for us. It takes a lot of pressure off of us knowing what to do, when to do it, where to advertise and spend our advertising dollars. His involvement in our marketing strategy is critical and very helpful to what we do.”

“The Midco team is outstanding. Our customer service lead does an excellent job focusing on our needs and what we need to do to get the right customer base into our stores.”

At Midco, we recognize that advertising is only a part of what you do. That’s why our team works hard to make marketing easy for you.

“Working with the Midco team is so easy, and I would recommend them to other organizations,” explained Nyberg. “They make it easy for us to strategize our marketing plan. It's just so easy for them to come in and give you a marketing plan that is a whole plan for your business.”

Get the word out about your business.

Stay connected to your target audience with a full suite of advertising services from Midco. From creative concepts to full marketing plans to reporting, see what our advertising experts can do for your business.

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