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Proven, Cost-Effective Data Center Services

For any business owner – large or small – data security and server backups can keep you up at night. Midco’s regional data centers can keep your business running smoothly, with the necessary security and infrastructure so you can feel confident that your data is protected and accessible in our secure, local facilities.

Our Data Centers

Midco Business currently operates data centers in South Dakota, and is breaking ground in 2017 on a new data center in North Dakota. A variety of banking, healthcare, energy, government and other clients in the region currently count on Midco's data centers. Our facilities are environmentally controlled and weather-hardened, featuring:

  • Multiple levels of facility security
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Automatic fire suppression system
  • Backup diesel generator with automatic failover
  • Full UPS backup of equipment
  • Redundant fiber connections for private or public network access
  • Redundant cooling
  • Hot and cold aisles for equipment

All of our network and data center services come with 24/7 support from our own network operations center and regionally located engineers and support staff.

Data Center Solutions


Small and medium businesses without a dedicated IT staff can move their IT equipment from less secure locations, such as a backroom or office, to the Midco data center – ensuring proper security, environmental controls, power supply and fire suppression.

Choose your space requirements and level of control – whether you need to place a single or multiple servers in our data center. Our investment in secure, redundant, environmentally-protected data centers means you can dedicate more of your capital to your businesses' operations.

Private Suites

Enjoy the benefits of your own data center without the hefty price tag. With Midco’s private data center suites, your large company’s server hardware is housed amid the security and environmental controls of our data center, with the additional privacy your operation demands.

  • Establish a primary or backup data location
  • Customizable suites in a secure room
  • Full private suites for enterprise-level companies
  • 24/7 magnetic keycard access
  • Backup available from Midco IT experts
  • Consult any time with local Midco engineers

Data Center Expertise

Let our team’s technical and data center expertise, plus networking certifications, work for you. Our colocation services include the option to use “smart hands” – where Midco experts perform routine IT tasks on your equipment in our data center. When your team is unavailable, we can help with reboots, hard drive replacements and more. 

Powerful Network and Data Center Combination

The Midco Network is already the region’s only wholly owned, operated and engineered fiber-optic network. Our core network covers 8,600 route miles, plus Type 2 extensions. Since our data centers are directly connected to our network backbone, you'll have access to up to 8 Terabits per second speeds – meaning you won’t have to worry about bandwidth issues to access your data or equipment. 

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