Receiving Call Features

Get support for the receiving call features.

Digital Phone

Call Transfer

Easily transfer a call to another person within your business.

Caller ID

Find out who is calling you without having to pick up the phone.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Reject all incoming calls that have been blocked or marked as private or anonymous calls. 

Call Hold

Pause a call without terminating it with the call hold feature. 

Toll-Free Numbers

Enables callers to reach a business or individual without being charged for the call.

Simultaneous Ring

Direct incoming calls to up to four different phone lines you choose. 

Call Waiting

Receive a notification of an incoming call when you’re on another line.

Custom Ring Number

This enables you to essentially share your dial tone with another number.

Directed Call Pickup

Pick up a call at a specific extension number by keying in that extension number.

Distinctive Ring

Program up to 10 telephone numbers to each have their own distinctive ring.


Automatically forward an incoming call to a predefined list of numbers.

Call Forwarding

Take important calls even when you're not at your desk.

Call Park

The call park enables you to put a call on hold and pick it up from another.

Call Trace

Trace harassing phone calls after the call is completed.

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