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Call Trace

What is a call trace?

The call trace feature enables customers to trace harassing phone calls after the call is completed.

There is a charge each time you use the call trace feature.

How to trace a harassing phone call

To trace a call:

  1. Immediately after you hang up your touch-tone phone from the harassing call, lift the handset again.
  2. Listen for a dial tone, and then dial *57.
  3. Follow the recorded instructions.
  4. Hang up the phone.

Midco holds information about the harassing call’s origin and can only provide these details to law enforcement agencies who have submitted a subpoena requesting this information. We are unable to release the information directly to customers.

Can I disable call tracing from use on my business phone line?

Yes. Midco can disable call tracing from being used within your business. To turn off the call trace feature, contact Midco customer service.

There is a one-time charge associated with blocking this phone feature.