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Business Internet and Networking Customized for You

You have many high-speed internet options. At Midco, we’re attuned to individual business needs. From basic internet to highly customized Ethernet and networking solutions – we work with you through it all.

Midco has flexible bandwidth options at affordable price points, no matter the size of your business. Plus, we make networking efficient by offering features that other companies may not. You can work with one provider for everything.

Check out our comparison table below for a quick overview of our services and to learn more about our Business Internet and Ethernet.

Which internet package is right for me?

For light to moderate document sharing and web browsing, you may only need a basic package. If you do a lot of uploading and downloading, run resource-intensive applications or live stream, you’ll want more robust Internet speeds. Be sure to consider times when you might have bursts of activity – so you can deliver on expectations when it’s most critical.

Business Internet
  • Enjoy reliable high-speed internet service delivered via a modem.
  • Choose the speed that meets internet usage needs for your business.
  • Scale packages as your business needs change.
  • Get email addresses, email virus protection and spam filtering.

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Ethernet and Custom Networking
  • Work directly with Midco engineers.
  • Get guaranteed bandwidth.  
  • Gain confidence with service level agreement (SLA) commitments.
  • Traverse our private Midco Network.
  • Transport data securely between locations or remote users.

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Industry Solutions

Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we’re here to help you determine what your needs might be. We’ve broken down some common networking scenarios by industry. You can always contact us to discuss directly.


If customer and financial data security are a top concern, Midco's meticulous engineers can create a custom private network between your branches. We'll ensure your connection is safe, and our Ethernet and VPN services will deliver steady bandwidth to support simultaneous transactions.


Is your healthcare facility adding more electronic patient records or other data-intensive capabilities, such as physician and patient e-visits? If so, you'll need Midco network speeds so your staff can access important information on demand using our Ethernet and VPN services.

Government & Education

With increased demand for high-speed internet, schools and government buildings are using more bandwidth than ever. You may require Ethernet or VPN services so your network can readily support multiple users. Midco gives you the capacity for distance learning, video conferencing and electronic content delivery.

Small & Medium Businesses

No matter what business you're in, you'll likely need a reliable internet connection for basic and advanced operations, from email communication to credit card transactions. And the more you do over the network, the more bandwidth you'll need. Midco has both Business Internet and Ethernet solutions to support one or many of your business locations.


Whether your retail operation is brick-and-mortar, online or both, there's an increased need for bandwidth. Manage your internet and support crucial retail functions with Midco's advanced internet packages and custom Ethernet solutions. We'll help you meet expectations for credit card processing, automated transactions, real-time inventory, online bill pay and more.

Gigabit Internet

There’s a lot of talk about gigabit internet these days. Midco has delivered gigabit and higher speeds to larger businesses via direct fiber for years. Now, we’re bringing gig via modem to our entire service area – making advanced speeds available to more small to medium businesses. We recently launched Midco Xstream® Gig in several cities in ND, SD and MN, with plans to launch to many more cities in 2017. Learn how Gig will advance the future of business in the upper Midwest.

24/7 Network Operations Center

Because we own our network, we watch every inch of it 24/7. Our Network Operations Center will ensure you’re connected.

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