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Midco Achieves MEF 3.0 Carrier Ethernet Certification

Midco earns the 3.0 MEF certification as an industry leader.

We strive to support our business partners with dependable services. As a leading service provider, Midco delivers Carrier Ethernet (CE) services to enterprises and corporations, other carriers, wholesale internet providers and government entities. 

One way we commit to being a trusted provider is by acquiring certifications to meet industry standards. So, we’re excited to announce that we achieved the MEF 3.0 CE Certification! 

Brief background on MEF.

MEF is a nonprofit industry forum of network, cloud and technology providers. This organization develops standards, certifications and APIs to empower enterprise digital transformation. The MEF 3.0 CE Certification is the industry’s highest standard for performance. 

What’s even better than 2.0? Answer: 3.0. 

Midco went from being 2.0 MEF certified to the 3.0 status. The 3.0 distinction entails the third generation of MEF-defined services and represents the most recent developed set of standards. These standards raise the performance bar even higher than the globally ubiquitous and widely certified 2.0 standards.

Rounds and rounds of testing.

To earn Midco the 3.0 iteration of the certification, our Business Network Engineering team put our network through a series of rigorous tests over a four-month period. 

“It’s no small feat,” explained Business Network Manager Ed Kurtz. “It was a lot of work. The testing proves we’re capable of delivering certain services to our business customers. All and all, we ran approximately 3,277 automated tests against our network.” 

Testing is carried out by Iometrix Lab in the Sky, a cloud-based platform. These virtualized tests run automatically until validation is achieved. If a validation for a category is deemed successful, a service provider may achieve certification. The provider can then join the MEF service registry

“MEF spells out the set framework for how a provider speaks of their delivered services. With the certification, we meet the exact industry standards for network configurations.” 

Thanks to these efforts of the Business Network Engineering team, Midco is certified in the following categories:  

  • E-Line: the connection configuration between two locations
  • E-LAN: the connection configuration between more than two locations
  • E-Access: the connection configuration involving another provider

Certified consistency of service quality.

As an example of why this certification matters, let’s say you’re a Midco Business customer needing point-to-point services. Maybe you have one business in Rapid City and one in Sioux Falls. Between the two, there are hundreds of ways to build out the point-to-point configuration. There is also a variety of options at both ends of the service as well as connecting in between.  

A MEF certification proves that our standards for establishing this connection between sites meet precise specifications. This determination is key when the configuration involves another carrier. With Midco, you know that the service you’re getting is streamlined, standardized and steadfast – whether you’re a small business or enterprise.

MEF 3.0 CE Certification Benefits
  • Performance excellence
    Enjoy greater confidence knowing your provider meets the highest levels of performance, assurance and agility.  

  • Competitive advantage
    Along with the higher-value services, Midco is also capable of addressing countless connectivity requirements in the age of digital transformation. 

  • Certified solutions
    Our solutions are certified by the global authority of standardized network services.

  • Acceleration of coordination
    With our standardized services, Midco can work with a wide range of different businesses and deliver validated offerings. 

We’re always looking for opportunities to push what’s possible, improve services and deliver advanced solutions to our customers. The MEF 3.0 certification reinforces our reputation as defined by the industry’s highest standards. 

Taking care of business with certified solutions.

Whether you’re looking for high-speed internet services, rethinking your phone system or wanting to add an entertainment option, we’re here for all the above and more. 

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