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Wireless Carriers: Partner with a Network Owner, Reach More People


Gone are the days when cell phones were used simply to make and take calls. Today’s mobile users are more likely to download large files, stream videos, juggle their social life, and have an online game running simultaneously – all from their pocket device. As a wireless carrier or cell service provider, you know the landscape has changed and providing a shaky data connection is no longer an option.

Whether you’re expanding your own Macro or small cell coverage in the Midwest, or your wireless carrier client is looking for a more reliable connection, partnering with a service provider that owns its network, like Midco®, can provide major benefits.

Reach Rural Communities

We’re dedicated to expanding our network to more rural communities because we know when our communities have robust internet connections, the businesses and residents within them thrive. In the past year, we’ve increased our fiber footprint by nearly 6% - and our number of fiber circuits are up 1.5% year-over-year.

As we continue to expand our connectivity in rural communities, we also support the increasing demand from wireless carriers and their partners looking to reach those customers, making certain that everyone has a reliable connection on the go.

Flexible Bandwidth

Because we own the network, we can quickly increase or decrease bandwidth as our clients need it, and we don’t have to wait for another provider to process the request. In fact, when it comes to last-mile Ethernet (WAN), we commit to a 48 hour or less turnaround time for upgrade orders whenever possible – and can often make same-day changes if there is a pressing need.

For example, just last month a fixed wireless provider requested an upgrade from 200 Mbps to 500 Mbps fiber internet service. The upgrade contract was signed and approved at 4 pm on a Thursday with expected fulfillment scheduled for the following Tuesday. But, before 9 am the next day, the upgrade was completed – and we got the happy task of letting the customer know that their request was completed in only two business hours.

Our backbone is scalable to eight terabits so we can serve you as your needs evolve. From 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps, and anywhere in between, our bandwidth is flexible to meet your needs.

Reliable, Lit Fiber

With more than 9,100 miles of fiber, the robust Midco Network can deliver on service level agreements with 99.999% core network reliability. Midco also has more than 130 tower structures within our fiber footprint, giving carriers additional options for placement of their cellular towers.

Midco Network Towers Map

And if the tower is not currently on our network, then we’ll build to the tower. We lay our own fiber, meaning we can easily bring a fiber connection directly to new towers as needed – with the lowest latency possible. We can quickly and easily bring the tower connection to a service center like yours.

Network Management Experience

Our Carrier Ethernet is MEF 2.0 certified – and so are our network engineers. Our staff is Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certified and has a combined 100 years of technical experience to ensure optimal network performance and SLAs are met.

We have been providing reliable backhaul services across our footprint for multiple types of wireless carriers for more than a decade. Our scalable services have easily kept up with the demand and we have confidence we’ll continue to keep up into the future

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