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Register for My Account to manage your services, view your statements, pay your bill, get account notifications and more – all online.

To register for My Account:

Step 1: Locate Your Account Information
  • Your Midco account number from the first page of your Midco statement
  • Your Midco account name, which you can find in the address portion of your Midco statement
  • Your PIN, which is a Midco-issued PIN or the last four digits of your social security number, received in a letter from Midco or during installation for business (non-advertising) accounts
Step 2: Sign Up Online
  1. Go to the My Account registration page and select Register.
  2. Select that you’re registering Business or Advertising account with Midco.
  3. Enter your Account Number, Business Name and PIN. (PIN applies to business (non-advertising) accounts only.)
  4. Under Account Profile, enter a Nickname if you wish. This is recommended if you have multiple Midco business and advertising accounts.
  5. Under Account Profile, enter your First Name, Last Name and Email Address (required). Re-enter your Email Address to confirm.
    • Important: After you register, we’ll send an email to confirm your email address and activate your My Account. This activation link expires after 24 hours.
  6. Check the box to enroll in e-statements, if you would like.
  7. Choose a My Account Username and Password, and re-enter your Password to confirm it. A bar will display the strength of your chosen password.
    • For security purposes, choose an alphanumeric password that’s 8-24 characters long.
    • Special characters (such as !, @ and ?) are not allowed.
    • A strong password should appear to be a random string of characters, and should not include personal information or dates that are easily identifiable as unique to you.
  8. Under Security Questions, choose your security questions and answers. (You’ll be prompted for these if you forget your My Account password in the future.)
  9. Review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Check the box that you agree, and click Complete.
Step 3: Check Your Email to Activate

Check your email (including junk and spam folders) for a message from Midco. Click the Activate button in the email to confirm your email address, activate your My Account and complete registration.

Step 4: Log In

Log in to My Account to enroll in e-statements and auto pay, pay an existing bill, sign up for electronic notices from Midco and take advantage of other helpful tools.

Add Another Account to a Single My Account Login

If you have multiple accounts with Midco Business, you can manage them all under one login to My Account. Log in to My Account.

  1. Go to the Account and User Details section. On the right side, click Add Account.
  2. On the Add Account page, choose the Account Type and enter the Account Number and Business Name. These should be entered exactly how they appear in the Billing Summary section of your monthly Midco Business billing statement.
  3. Enter your four-digit PIN Code associated with your account, and click Add Account. The new account is now added to your My Account login.

To see the details of different accounts, use the dropdown near the top of your My Account homepage to move between different accounts. 

Add Another My Account User

  1. Log in to My Account.
  2. Go to the Account and User Details section. On the right side, click Add Authorized Users.
  3. Enter the email address of the user you wish to add, and select the accounts they should have access to, along with their roles for each account.
  4. Click Add User.

The user will receive an email invitation, and must click the activation link in that email. The link is valid for one week.

The activation link will take the new user to the Edit My User Profile page. After he or she creates a username and password, the new user will can log in to My Account and access information based on roles you established.

Add New Contact in My Account

The following information is necessary when setting up a new contact in your My Account.

  1. Name – First and last name of the contact.
  2. Role Type – What is the role of the contact, see “My Account Contact Role Types” below for definitions.
  3. Email – The contact’s primary email address.
  4. Alternate Email – A secondary email address for the contact.
  5. Address, City, State and Zip Code – If the contact has an address that’s different from the account address it can be placed here.
  6. Work Number – Contact’s work phone number. Include the extension if necessary.
  7. Cell Number – The contact’s mobile phone number.
  8. Fax Number – The contact’s fax number.
  9. Alternate Number – A secondary phone number for the contact. Include the extension if necessary.
  10. Contact Hours – Hours we can attempt contact.

Understand My Account Technology Requirements

You can access My Account from any computer with an internet connection and a web browser that supports 128 bit encryption. For more information or to upgrade your software, click on the link below for your browser type. My Account is optimized for the three most recent versions of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox

Log In Securely to My Account

With My Account, Midco has implemented several methods to ensure your information remains secure:

  • Unique User ID and password only you know
  • Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to ensure your internet connection and information are secure from outside inspection
  • 128-bit encryption makes your information unreadable as it passes over the internet
  • Automatic sign out if you’ve been inactive for more than 20 minutes

When enrolling in online accounts, making payments and shopping online, we strongly encourage you to use a private computer on a password-protected internet connection. Using public computers (such as schools and libraries) – or using your own computer or device while on public Wi-Fi – increases the risk of your information being compromised.

My Account

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