TV Advertising

Linear TV advertising is still the unshakable pillar of brand prestige.

Linear TV advertising remains the unsung hero of brand narratives, continuously adapting and consistently delivering its promise of vast reach and profound impact. Through TV advertising, your message is broadcasted into the lives of a diverse audience, enveloping them with stories that resonate and relationships that endure.

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Pinpoint precision helps Midco provide localized advertising for targeted impact.

Our specialized mapping tool is designed to enhance advertising precision, ensuring that your message reaches the exact audience you want to engage. This approach is especially beneficial for local businesses, including small mom-and-pop shops with a single location. By focusing on targeted geographic areas, we minimize wasteful spending and maximize the relevance of your ads, ensuring that your advertising efforts are as efficient and effective as possible.

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Get in the game with Midco’s sports advertising packages.

Sports fandom is a way of life. Dedicated fans watch every game, study every statistic, and devour every update when it comes to their favorite teams – and with sports advertising with Midco, they can also see your business. Make potential customers fans of your business with a targeted sports advertising plan that includes commercial placements and exclusive sponsorship options on regional and national broadcasts.

Sports Offerings

Digital advertising plus TV advertising equals big success.

When you combine TV advertising with your digital marketing plan, research shows audience reach and recall nearly double.1 Adding elements of digital advertising such as banner ads, rich media, pre-roll video and more to the mix further expands your frequency and exposure, putting you everywhere you audience goes for news and entertainment. 

Digital Ads

Don’t underestimate the continued power of TV advertising’s reach.

Imagine calling out to millions, with your brand's voice echoing through countless homes. Traditional TV's unmatched reach gifts you this megaphone, ensuring your message resonates far and wide, across generations.

Count all the benefits of TV advertising with Midco.

Massive Reach

Ad-supported TV reaches 8 out of 10 homes in an average month.2 When you combine TV’s broad reach with the volume of time people spend watching, it adds up to a powerful foundation for your advertising strategy.

Unprecedented Brand Recognition

TV programming draws an attentive audience, allowing you to further engage viewers with a relevant and creative commercial.

Brand Trust

80% of U.S. customers trust TV ads the most when making a purchasing decision compared to other advertising channels.

Demographic Targeting

Stop the guesswork and reach your ideal customers within a specific footprint and demographic profile through content-based targeting.

Experience binge-worthy linear TV advertising with Midco.

One of the biggest barriers for small businesses is the creation of linear TV commercials. We have a dedicated team to create the spots in addition to planning the right media mix. Let's work together to elevate your brand's voice across the expanse of TV advertising reach.    

Creative Services

Your moment to shine in the advertising galaxy awaits.

Midco is masterful at harnessing the power and promise of linear TV's reach. Together, we can weave advertising narratives that capture attention and captivate hearts. 

1 IPG Media Lab, Roku®: Under the Hoot of Over-the-Top Measurement, 2019 
2 Video Advertising Bureau: 5 Reasons Why Marketers Invest Billions in Linear TV, 2023