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Connectivity for every sector imaginable.

At Midco, we understand that every industry faces unique challenges and requires specific connectivity solutions. From health care to education, retail to government, and everything in between, our owned and operated fiber network is designed to support over 1 million homes and businesses across a five-state footprint.

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We are committed to helping diverse sectors  thrive in a digitally connected world, ensuring they benefit from high-speed, reliable and secure internet services that meet their specific needs. Whether it’s enhancing guest experiences in hospitality, supporting critical services in health care or driving efficiency in manufacturing, Midco is your strategic partner in growth.


Whether you're a small local shop or a large enterprise, Midco’s solutions are crafted to scale and adapt to your business size. For SMBs, we offer flexible pricing, contract options and dedicated local support to help your business grow and succeed in the competitive marketplace. 

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Multichannel advertising for multiple audiences.

Our award-winning advertising solutions are designed to boost your visibility and effectively connect you with your target audience. 

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