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Dive into a realm where connectivity meets creativity, and your business taps into its true potential. Here at Midco, we're not just about providing services; we're about creating connections that propel your business forward. From our dependable, industry-leading internet business services to our phone, TV, advertising, private networking and data center services, we're more than a provider – we're your partner in success. Join us on this journey and see all the ways we can help your business thrive.

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Accelerate your business.

Midco's internet services are the keys to connectivity. Our network isn't just robust; it's a powerhouse of speed and reliability that grows alongside your organization. Whether you're a small business or a sprawling enterprise, our tailor-made solutions and industry-certified network keep you zooming ahead. Plus, dedicated Midco customer service pros are always on standby, ready to elevate your internet experience with expert service. 

Phone & Voice

Connect with clarity.

Let your voice be your superpower with Midco's phone services. From crystal-clear commercial phone systems to versatile virtual phone systems, we make sure every word is heard loud and clear. Perfect for businesses of all shapes and sizes, our scalable solutions mean you're always connected, whether you're dialing next door or across the globe. And with our cutting-edge VoIP phone tech, your calls turn into gateways for collaboration and expansion. 


Visualize your success.

Transform your space with Midco TV services, where entertainment meets inspiration. Our kaleidoscope of channels is custom picked to fit your business's needs, whether that’s a cozy waiting room or a formal boardroom. With Midco’s TV options, you can create an experience that sparks conversations, lights up faces and enriches your business environment. Get ready to delight visitors and employees with TV that entertains and captivates. 


Link up without limits.

Keep your business connected with Midco's private networking. Imagine a seamless superhighway exclusively for your data, connecting all your locations with speed, privacy and unmatched reliability. Wherever your operations are, they'll be united under one robust, Midco-powered network. 


Let's get you noticed.

Light up the spotlight on your brand with Midco's advertising services. Our targeted marketing mixes the power of cable TV, digital ads and connected TV to put your brand center stage. Our toolbox is brimming with ways to catch your audience’s attention. Ready to see your message shine and your ROI soar?  


Be secure in your connection.

Defending your business means shielding your online activities from constant threats. We're dedicated to providing expert security solutions, featuring our exceptional Enhanced DDoS Mitigation service and secure data centers, with every internet connection including basic DDoS protection to ensure your business remains safe. 

Is Midco in your community? 

Ready to experience the benefits of Midco in your area? Enter your business address and see what services we have available. Can't find your location? Don’t worry! We're always on the move, expanding our reach to bring you the best service. 

Business support made for you.

At Midco, we pride ourselves on over 90 years of service, during which we've supported countless customers. 

Putting you at the forefront isn't just something we say – it's what we live by. If you need help with your services or have a question, our 24/7 hotline means we're just a call away, ready to tackle anything. And we know independence is important, so we've got all the self-service tools you need to take control of your services.  

Business Support

Where top-notch services meet 24/7 support. 

What really keeps the relationship with our customers going strong is our rock-solid network reliability. Built on a foundation of cutting-edge fiber-optic tech, our Midco network is a fortress of speed and stability, watched over by our vigilant operations center day and night. Because, in our book, keeping you connected to what's important is our most important job. Here's to moving forward, together.

Network Operations Center

“We know we have a Midco IT staff and that’s all they do – is manage these types of network systems. So we don’t have to worry about it. We know our residents are in good hands. We know it’s going to be working 24/7.”

Mike Zimney
Kilbourne Group Project Manager

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