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Elevated business internet connectivity with Midco's dedicated fiber internet.

In this lightning-fast world, smooth-sailing internet isn’t just nice to have – it’s a must for any business looking to thrive. At Midco, we understand how essential reliable, speedy internet is for staying ahead of your competition and keeping your operations humming. That’s why we provide dedicated fiber internet services. Tailored to your business’s needs, our services promise not just speed and reliability, but a unique experience designed for you. Welcome to the future of business connectivity, where every byte and bit moves at the speed of your ambition.

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VIP speeds for your business.

Midco's dedicated fiber internet is a direct business internet connection made just for you. Imagine having your own private lane on the information superhighway, courtesy of our expansive, self-managed fiber network. No sharing means no slowdowns, just smooth, fast internet. This is the game-changer your business needs to stay ahead – whether you’re managing big data, diving into the cloud or powering through heavy-bandwidth tasks. With our dedicated fiber, it’s all systems go for peak performance, all the time.  

The benefits of dedicated fiber.

Exclusive bandwidth

Think of Midco's dedicated fiber as the all-access pass for your business, with guaranteed speed and reliability at all times. Wave goodbye to slowdowns, even during busy periods.

Fort Knox-level security

Your data gets its own private jet, flying high above the common threats lurking in shared networks. It’s top-tier security that keeps your information safe.

Next-level performance

Our dedicated fiber delivers minimal lag and lightning-fast uploads and downloads, making it optimal for real-time chats, hefty data moves and everything in between.

Growth on your terms

Your company is going places, and with Midco, your business internet connection is ready to keep up. Scale smoothly with our fully adaptable dedicated fiber, ensuring you always have the right amount of zip. 

Questions to ask yourself when considering dedicated fiber.

What's your score?

If you answered "Yes" to three or more of the above questions, dedicated fiber internet might be a good option for you and your business. 

Welcome to Midco, where connectivity meets heart.

Our passion for top-notch service shines bright, from our cutting-edge fiber network spanning Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin to our team of over 1,900 experts, all ready to keep you in the fast lane with business dedicated internet.

Rock-solid reliability: Our fiber network serves as a steadfast guardian for your business, always prepared to keep you online and operational.

A+ customer experience: Forget being just a number. Our local support experts are all about giving you the VIP treatment, with personalized help to resolve your issues.

Customized expertise: Our tech specialists are on a mission to get to know the ins and outs of your business, crafting services that meet your needs and drive your success.

Heart for our communities: With over 1 million customers in more than 400 communities, our commitment runs deep. We're here, fueling local growth and cheering on every win, big or small. 

Get started with Midco's dedicated fiber internet today.

Opting for Midco's dedicated fiber internet is an investment in the future of your business, where connectivity and reliability are steadfast. Whether you're a local small business or sprawling enterprise, our dedicated internet service is your ticket to a world where efficiency and productivity know no bounds.

Thinking it's time to give your business a supercharge with Midco's dedicated fiber internet? Reach out today. We're all about crafting the perfect connectivity cocktail, tailor-made for your unique business requirements. Join Midco, and let's make waves with service that’s not only dedicated and reliable, but also unmistakably yours.

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