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In today's advertising playground, it's about shouting from the rooftops in full color and HD, making sure your brand leaps out and gets noticed. From creative production and placement to targeting and reporting, see how you can get everything you need from start to finish with Midco Advertising. 

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Multichannel advertising magic, unleashed.

Welcome to the multiverse of multichannel advertising, where Midco is your guide through a landscape where every channel is a path to enchantment. Merging the timeless charm of linear TV advertising with the dynamic realms of digital and OTT platforms, we weave campaigns that resonate with souls across the spectrum. It's about making sure your message echoes across the valleys and peaks of the consumer's world, ensuring omnipresence that's also omnipotent.

TV Advertising

Dive deep into the benefits of TV advertising with Midco, where every commercial is a key to hearts and minds across the nation.

OTT Advertising

Watch your brand flourish in the on-demand viewing landscape and engage audiences who prefer streaming services over traditional TV.

Social Media Ads

Turn likes, shares and follows into genuine customer engagements. A single ad can become a viral sensation.

Digital Ads

Supercharge your TV campaigns with digital ads that double the magic, doubling audience reach and recall.

Connected TV

Seize the screen with connected TV advertising, where traditional TV meets the precision of digital targeting. 

Pre-Roll Video

Put your brand front and center, capturing attention in the crucial moments before their chosen content plays. 

Make your mark with Midco’s Creative Services.

Unleash the full potential of your brand with Midco's Creative Services team by your side. Think of us as your personal team of storytellers, designers, and digital wizards, all rolled into one. From eye-catching designs to compelling narratives, our creative experts craft messages that resonate, engage and inspire action.

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Let’s begin crafting connections that last. 

Let's pinpoint where your audience lives, breathes and plays. From demographics to passions, Midco's mastery in advertising audience targeting ensures your message doesn’t just visit – it moves in and decorates.

Audience Targeting

“The benefits of working with Midco is the ease of strategically directing your advertising dollars. There’s a lot of different means of advertising that Midco offers, and we take advantage of a lot of them, and they all work together. It’s been very important for our traffic in our organization.” — Kevin Nyberg, Owner

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