Step into the world of endless entertainment with MidcoTV.

Welcome to the bright side of business entertainment, where Midco is revolutionizing the way businesses experience TV. Whether you're looking to sprinkle some extra joy in your customer's day or keep your team happily informed and engaged, we've got just the ticket. Dive into MidcoTV, our business TV service tailored for every taste and need, and let's add that spark of entertainment to your business today!

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MidcoTV: Your business's entertainment companion. 

Ever dreamt of TV that moves with you and your business? Say hello to MidcoTV anywhere. Designed for businesses that love staying ahead, MidcoTV wraps flexibility and cutting-edge technology in one sleek package, ensuring your space is always the place to be, no matter your location. It’s a personalized streaming solution powered by a connection wired directly to your building. Here are some other benefits of MidcoTV:

All the channels you love: Our MidcoTV channel packages are like a treasure chest, brimming with everything from nail-biting sports to heartwarming shows, ensuring there's something for every business and location.

Designed with you in mind: Our MidcoTV packages for business are as unique as you are. Customizable to the core, they're here to fit snugly into your business’s lifestyle.

Tech that wows: With features like our seamless streaming app, MidcoTV is an innovative entertainment experience in an easy-to-use, cutting-edge interface.

Unbeatable business TV service: Our team is all about making your TV experience hassle-free, with the support you need, when you need it.

MidcoTV packages – something for every business.

Stream your way to business bliss with MidcoTV. Check out our dazzling MidcoTV channel packages below, tailored just for you.

MidcoTV 4

$93 per mo.

  • Up to 153 HD channels
  • Includes NFL Network, SCIENCE and the Tennis Channel1

MidcoTV 3

$83 per mo.

  • Up to 103 HD channels
  • Includes ESPN, HGTV, FOX News and Nickelodeon1

MidcoTV 1

$30 per mo.

  • Up to 40 HD channels
  • Includes The Weather Channel and multiple local broadcast channels1

Considerations for public-view establishments.

If you’re a bar or restaurant or your establishment’s revenue stream comes from food or beverage sales or entrance fees, you’re considered a public-view establishment – meaning certain live TV channels may be sold separately. Ask your sales representative about public-view channels.

Ready for an entertainment upgrade?

Choosing Midco means you're gaining a partner who gets it. We're all about bringing smiles, supporting your dreams and ensuring your business is the place to be. Here’s why businesses trust Midco for their entertainment needs:

A support team that cares

Our team is here to ensure you’re thrilled with your service, offering a helping hand whenever you need it.

Grow with ease

Our services flex and grow with you, making it easy to adjust your entertainment options as your business evolves.

Seamless fun

We bring the entertainment without interrupting the flow of your business, making every day a bit brighter.

Let's transform your business space into an entertainment oasis. We're here to tailor the perfect MidcoTV package that makes every day more delightful.

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Services are not available in all areas, and some restrictions apply. MidcoTV requires Midco Business Fiber Internet service. MidcoTV supports a maximum of 18 TV sets at one time. This material includes references to products, services and/or equipment not manufactured by Midco. The respective companies retain trademark and registered trademark ownership for those referenced items.
Third-party monthly subscription is required for some apps. Acceptable use of any application is determined solely by the application provider and may not be available for Business use. MidcoTV 4 is required before you can add a Sports & Variety Pro Pack subscription. Lineups vary by market and are subject to change.
Costs vary for public view business for some networks.