Private Networking

Empower your business connectivity with Midco private networking.

We understand that each byte of data is crucial to your business's success and growth. That's why our private networking services are designed to offer the robust support and customization your business needs to thrive.

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Experience tailored connectivity with MPLS redundancy.

Midco’s private networking service is built on MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) technology, which elevates network redundancy to new heights. This technology is designed to streamline and prioritize data flow, ensuring that your most critical applications have the express lanes they need for peak performance.  

Our private networking service acts as your data's built-in bodyguard, ensuring that when you're moving large data sets or connecting remotely, you're backed by a powerful network capable of supporting bandwidth-intensive applications.

Symmetrical service equals ultimate balance.

Our commitment to balance is reflected in our symmetrical upstream and downstream services. Whether you’re uploading large datasets to the cloud or downloading important reports, you’ll experience consistent performance in both directions.

Our network is designed to meet and exceed your internet bandwidth requirements, ensuring your business is equipped for today and prepared for tomorrow. Experience a network that grows with you, offering scalable solutions that adapt to your evolving needs. 

Midco has a dedicated business network that is separate from our residential network.  With our private networking services, our network becomes your network, allowing you to benefit from dedicated business network infrastructure. 

Why private networking matters for your business. 

Choosing Midco’s private networking service is about having a partner that ensures the smooth, secure and swift operation of your business's digital backbone. Our network is engineered to provide maximum productivity and performance. 

Private networks for businesses that are secure and scalable.

Securely connect multiple locations and ensure your data's privacy with Midco's private network for business solutions. We offer a range of L2 and L3 VPN services designed to increase network visibility and ease troubleshooting, ensuring efficient communication across all your sites. 

Why choose Midco for your private networking?

Customized Solutions

From shared to dedicated bandwidth, we offer networking solutions tailored to your business needs.

Advanced Security

Keep your data safe with our secure VPN options, ensuring privacy and protection across all connections.

Unmatched Reliability

Benefit from our extensive, owned and operated MPLS network, providing consistent, high-speed connectivity with less downtime. 

Expert Support

Our dedicated team is here for you 24/7, offering expert advice and support to ensure our network and your connection always performs at their best. 

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Give our private networking services a try.  

Discover how Midco's private networking services can transform your business's connectivity. Contact us today to explore our solutions and find the perfect fit for your business's unique needs. 

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