Elevate your business communications with Midco's VoIP phone services.

Smooth talk isn’t just a nice-to-have in today’s lightning-fast business environment – it’s the key to success. Midco, your local telecommunications expert, understands this. We’re all about shaking up the connectivity game for businesses stretching from Kansas to Wisconsin, setting the bar for reliability and top-notch service. Get ready to level up your communication with Midco’s VoIP Phone and VoIP Pro services. 

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The 411 on VoIP phones. 

Ever wondered if there's a better way to make calls without clinging to the old-school analog phone line? Enter the world of VoIP (voice over internet protocol), the tech that lets your voice ride the internet waves instead of surfing through traditional phone lines. VoIP phones can be used directly from a computer or a special VoIP phone. 

VoIP phones pack a punch with extras like voicemail, call forwarding and call waiting, all managed smoothly through an online dashboard. Switching to business phone VoIP gives you clearer and more reliable calls along with cost-savings and increased functionalities. Who knew talking could be this good?

What is VoIP?

Midco's VoIP phone service: Seamless connectivity at your fingertips.

Midco’s VoIP phone service leverages our robust fiber network, ensuring your business enjoys enhanced voice quality, reliability and the flexibility to communicate anytime, anywhere.

Online VoIP Capabilities

Gone are the days of being chained to old-school phone lines. With Midco, say hello to the future of online communication management. Our VoIP service hands you the reins, offering unmatched control and efficiency that turns phone system management into a breeze.

VoIP to Mobile Integration

Office? Café? Wherever you are, our VoIP service has your back, integrating so smoothly with your mobile device that you’ll never have to worry about missing a beat (or a call).

Designed for All Businesses

From the two-person startup to the 500-team enterprise, our VoIP solutions are ready to grow alongside you. We’ve designed our service to offer the features and simplicity that every business deserves.

Midco’s VoIP Pro Service: The communication powerhouse.

Step up to the big leagues of business communication with Midco’s VoIP Pro service. It comes with all the features of our VoIP phone service, plus a few hard-hitting extras crafted for the complex needs of large businesses.

Unified business group: Seamlessly connect multiple locations under a single business VoIP telephone group for unified communications.

Auto-attendant features: Streamline call handling with automated responses and call routing to enhance customer service efficiency and manage high call volumes.

Remote connectivity: Empower your team with remote work capabilities, allowing them to connect anywhere with softphone options.

Extensive feature suite: Customize your office’s VoIP phone system with 56 included features to optimize your team's communication and productivity.


Feature VoIP Phone VoIP Pro
Number of Lines 1-8 8+
Voicemail with eVoice
Call Forwarding
Call Transfer
Equipment Caller ID
Caller ID
Online CommPortal
Long Distance Capabilities
Softphone  Available
Incoming Call Manager  
Call Queues  
Conference Calling  
Auto-Attendant   Available


The Midco softphone, included with VoIP Phone Pro and available as an add-on for VoIP Phone, lets you take your business calls anywhere, on any device. This flexible tool offers call management, messaging among your Midco VoIP group and conference calling, all secured on Midco's private network for unmatched reliability.

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Midco's CommPortal offers an intuitive online platform for customizing work number settings and preferences, part of our VoIP Phone and VoIP Phone Pro solutions. It simplifies call management, user settings and voicemail directly from desktops or mobile devices, enhancing the business phone experience. It also means you have control over your settings – without having to call us.

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Experience the Midco difference with unparalleled features and benefits.

Dive into the feature-rich world of Midco’s VoIP Phone and VoIP Pro services, where every tool is designed to make your business operations better and your communications stronger:

All-in-one communication

Imagine all your voice, video and data chats living in harmony in one place. That's the dream our VoIP solutions turn into a reality, setting the stage for a seamless workflow.

Scalability on your terms

Our VoIP services are like a custom suit; they fit your business now and can adjust as you scale up. Add lines or features with a snap of your fingers – no need for a tech overhaul or emptying your pockets on hardware.

Cost savings without compromise

Our competitive pricing means you get a buffet of features and flexibility for less dough than old-school phone systems.

Support that shines

Midco’s support team is always available to help keep your communication lines zinging along so you can focus on growing your business.

Midco is a trusted partner dedicated to your business's growth and success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can tailor our VoIP solutions to meet your needs.

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