CommPortal Admin


From setup and user setup to account management, explore all the features within CommPortal.

Emergency Notifications

Find out how to set up email or call notifications to the right staff whenever a 911 call is made.


Get support for configuring hunt groups and set up call pickup groups using CommPortal Admin.

Softkey Programming

Get details on programming the softkeys on your individual phone equipment using your CommPortal.

Music on Hold

Upload, program and customize music on hold settings in the CommPortal in a few easy steps.

Call Logs

Explore the steps for downloading and exporting your call logs within your CommPortal. 

Short Codes

See how to set speed dials for your department or organization's most commonly used numbers. 

Users and Departments

Learn how to manage users, assign and reset a line, forward calls and more within the CommPortal.

Login and Passwords

Everything you need to know about logging in to the CommPortal as an administrator.

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