Connect Devices to Wi-Fi

Speed and Performance

Checking Cable Connections

Having your networking or coaxial cables incorrectly connected to your cable modem or device can impact your internet speed and performance.

  • Make sure the coax and network connections are clean and tightly connected. Ethernet (or network) cables should click into place tightly at the back of the modem/router and on your computer or other device.
  • Check each connection one at a time to make sure each one is connected properly. (Don’t unplug them all at once – so you don’t have to try to remember where each cable is supposed to connect.)
  • Confirm that no cables are damaged or have tight bends in them. If any something is damaged, it should be replaced.
    • If you have a Midco-provided cable modem, contact us, or visit one of our Customer Experience Centers.
    • Or you can purchase network and cables locally at any electronics retailer.

Checking Your Wi-Fi Connection

If your wireless devices aren’t connected properly to your Wi-Fi, it may cause problems with your internet speeds and ability to access the internet. Follow the steps below for your specific wireless device to try to resolve any network connection issues.

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