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Case Studies

Local Advertising Agency Chooses Midco for Digital

Case Studies

Williston Auto, Butte Subaru and Butte Toyota have one thing in common – their ads are managed by Imagination Design Studios, a Sioux Falls-based agency that partners with Midco to place and report on their digital display ads, as well as create any video production.

These dealerships were having trouble reaching their audience through traditional media outlets alone, with only a few options available.

The solution? Digital advertising that allows targeting down to the zip code, so they can connect with people in hard-to-reach places.

"Midco digital advertising can be considered my go-to form of advertising," said Lynn Schiefelbein, Imagination Design Studio Owner. "With the number of added hits to my clients’ sites, the data reporting and the top-notch professionals, you can be assured that you will get the most bang for your buck and have a pleasant experience too."

What’s more, their ads are front and center when a competitor’s customer is seeking online information in the area. And perhaps the best part – the ability to provide clients with up-to-date results through a digital reporting dashboard, complete with exact ad placement analytics.

"Midco digital advertising is the way to go," said Schiefelbien. "From the options available for distribution to the live statistics available online, your advertising can be adjusted on-the-fly to meet your ever-changing needs."

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