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Fiber Internet

Fiber Conversion: What to Expect

Our future is fiber, and you're leaping ahead with Fiber Forward technology from Midco! We’ve made a $500 million investment to deliver the best of 10 Gig (10G) to our growing network of business customers. This means we’re bringing your business incredible reliability and increased performance to support what’s next in revolutionary innovations.

Ready to dive in? It all starts with a fiber conversion.

Benefits of switching to fiber now.

  • Faster, symmetrical upload speeds that match your downloads. (Think 1 gig x 1 gig, 500 Mbps x 500 Mbps, 100 Mbps x 100 Mbps and so on!)
  • Stronger internet performance and reliability – and more capacity to do all the things you do online.  
  • Access to more advanced TV tech with MidcoTV, our personalized, all-streaming solution for watching TV. 

Your fiber conversion appointment.

If you’re an existing Midco customer, we schedule a free fiber conversion appointment to get you upgraded!

Before the installation appointment can be scheduled, we may need to come to your business for an on-site survey, so a field technician can assess wiring and equipment needs in preparation for the fiber conversion appointment. (Not all conversions require a site survey. A Midco Business representative will let you know if one is needed for your location.)

Midco will work to convert all phone, TV and internet services during this appointment. In some cases, phone services may need to be scheduled for another date/time.

Switching to advanced services.

Internet switch to fiber.

See what’s staying the same and what’s changing when you switch from fixed wireless or cable modem internet service to super-powerful fiber internet.

Cable TV switch to MidcoTV.

What’s staying the same and what’s changing when switching from cable TV to MidcoTV.

Business phone switch to fiber-delivered phone.

See what’s staying the same and what’s changing when switching to fiber-delivered phone for business digital lines and/or Hosted VoIP services.

Fiber Conversion FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions regarding fiber conversion installations and service capabilities.

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