Speed Test Issues

If you have a multi-gigabit symmetrical internet connection and a pod as your gateway pod, you may notice that the uploads on your speed test results in the app are currently limited to around 1.5 Gbps. This is a known limitation on the pod. 

While the WAN Ethernet port on a pod is fully capable of 2.5 Gbps throughput in both directions, the software onboard is currently unable to generate the data needed to saturate the upload during an ISP speed test. Because of this limitation, the speed test in the app will be limited to reporting about 1.5 Gbps for the upload. There is no issue reporting the download speed available since it is the speed test server generating the data downloaded for the speed test.  

The 1.5 Gbps upload limitation only applies when traffic is being generated by the pod and does not apply when the data passes through during actual use. In other words, even though the reported upload speed test result is limited to 1.5 Gbps, the actual throughput will be higher if available and there will be no actual performance impact on the network. 

What To Do When Receiving Poor Speed Test Results 

The built-in speed test measures the speed of the link from your gateway pod to your ISP using Ookla's speed test servers. If those results are not close to our advertised speed, these tests will help you find the cause.

Upstream Devices Uses Bandwidth

Midco Business Wi-Fi Pro will automatically run a speed test every six hours if the network is idle. However, the activity of devices connected upstream from the network, like the devices directly connected to the router, is not monitored. This means that the automatic speed tests will run even while those upstream devices are using the internet and the speed test results will reflect this.

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