The Bottom Line: Hiring the Right Business Communications Provider Can Lead to Decreased IT Costs

Oct 16, 2023 | 4 min read

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When it comes to running a business there are lots of programs and IT infrastructures you have to set up, implement and manage. Your list of IT questions can seem endless.  

All of these questions funnel back to your bottom line, and it can be a lot to think about. Which is why having a trusted business communications provider to both guide and work with you to analyze your technological needs can lead to decreased IT costs and increased IT efficiency.   

IT Cost Savings with a Business Communications Provider  

Time is money. If this is true for you and your business, then reducing the amount of time spent on any task is one way to decrease costs and find efficiency. 
This same principle applies to your IT infrastructure.   

If you’re managing the majority of your IT needs, that means you’re spending less time on leadership, building relationships, strategy, etc. 

Depending on your IT infrastructure and business needs, working with a business communication provider can offer some cost savings. These benefits can vary based on your level of service: 

  • The provider has all the equipment meaning less management, upkeep and purchases for you to make
  • Execution of a technical needs analysis/assessment is done so you only purchase the level of services your business needs
  • You have access to a dedicated sales engineer and account executive to guide and provide individualized care for your IT needs
  • Your IT needs are being managed by a provider so you can spend your time on the work you do best 

Whether you’re filling the role of the IT department while managing all your communication solutions or you have a dedicated IT and communications department with multiple staff members, Midco understands that there’s no one-size fits all approach when it comes to finding the right type of business communication solution for your business. We specialize in many levels of service and products, which means we’re here to grow with you and your business. 

As a business, especially one that’s growing, it’s important to evaluate time spent to determine if the inputs are higher than the outputs. If that’s happening, consider if the growth your business needs has to do with internal hiring and restructuring or is it time to bring on a business communication partner to help you manage your IT.  

Making the Switch 

Every business faces a time when they have to assess growth. When this transition begins, new decisions and needs come up, especially with your IT infrastructure. This means you need new and different solutions to meet them. What used to work for your internet, phone and other communication tools begins to change. 

Your mindset shifts as you begin to realize that technology isn’t another thing to worry about with your business, it’s actually the solution to your business problems.  

Here’s a simple checklist to consider if it’s time to upgrade your level of services with your business communication provider. Are you: 

  • Hiring more employees
  • Expanding office spaces, moving to a larger building
  • Spreading locations between different parts of the city, state and beyond
  • Having technical requirements and needs that are becoming more complex 

Saying YES to any of the above may be a good indicator it’s time to make the switch to a more robust business communications solution. At the very least, have the conversation with your provider to see what products are available for your growing business needs.  

The product solutions Midco provides can shift and grow with your business. While you may start off with products in the Small Category, which are similar to what you see residentially – internet, phone or TV – we can evolve alongside your business to now provide dedicated fiber internet and Enhanced DDoS Protection under the Medium Category. As your business continues to grow and/or your IT needs become more complex, we offer Mid-market and Enterprise services that include everything from the small to medium categories in addition to dark fiber, private network and a managed router.  

While many of these decisions and discussions revolve around the size of your business in addition to your IT infrastructure and needs, Midco knows that the growth of a business isn’t the only indicator to consider when choosing a business communication product. There’s why we offer an individualized approach to solving your IT needs to find the right solution at the best price.  

Growing businesses have less and less room for failure. The pressure of having a sustainable and efficient business is going up. The stakes are higher if you’ve hired more employees, have a larger customer base and invested more time and/or money into the business.  

This growth and addition of new decisions, might leave you asking, “How can I figure this out?” While the ability to figure things out on your own is an extremely valuable skill and asset to your business, so is this question, “Who can I partner or work with to figure this out?”

Your Best Customer Advocate 

Before making any decision to upgrade your business communication services, it can be helpful to do some discovery to best understand what’s important to your business and what your needs actually are.  

Gaining outside perspective can be helpful when surrounding yourself with people to help strategize and map out the IT problems your business is facing and the best solutions available. 

Midco understands the complex decisions that come with a growing business. That’s why it’s important to find a partner that’s transparent about the solutions available so that the exact needs and makeup of your business are being considered when it comes down to IT cost, management and implementation. 

When you work with a provider that’s willing to listen and learn about your business communication needs and what’s most important to you and your business, you know you’ve found a customer advocate who has your back and is looking at your bottom line with you.  

Your mindset shifts as you begin to realize that technology isn’t another thing to worry about with your business, it’s actually the solution to your business problems.  

Reliable High-Speed Internet

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