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iOS Device

Visit the App Store® to download the Softphone app.


Access the Quick Start Guide

To install the app

Midco Softphone App

  1. Click the button above – or go the App Store on your phone, search for Midco and locate the Midco Softphone app.
    • Note: Do not go to the Virtual Phone app, as that is not compatible with your Hosted VoIP service.
  2. Tap Install to download the app on your device and open the app.
  3. Select Allow incoming calls and Allow outgoing calls to ensure that your app functions correctly, and review the Midco Softphone Terms of Use.
  4. Press Accept & Continue to finish the installation.

To log in for the first time

  1. Enter your 10-digit number.
  2. Enter your case-sensitive password provided by Midco. This is also the password used for access to the Hosted VoIP CommPortal, the online portal for managing your line.
    • Enable Remember Me to save your login and password on your device.
  3. Press Login, and follow the navigation prompts to learn your way around the app.
    • Important: Allowing the app to run in the background ensures all calls will come through when the app is not in active use. Denying the app to run in the background will improve battery life, but calls may not always come through.


See All Softphone Tutorials

Video tutorials are available for some of the most common features on the Softphone app. Check them all out in our tutorial playlist.