Call Detail Records

Enhanced 911

When a call is processed by the ERS, a Call Detail Record (CDR) is created. The Call Details Records screen lists all the calls originating from your account including provisioned and unprovisioned calls. All information related to the calls such as your Account Name, Account ID, ERL ID and Subscriber ID are displayed in this screen.

By default, accessing the Call Details Records screen displays all calls made from a specific account as well as all calls underneath it. For example, Call Details Records screen accessed from the Level 1 account includes records from the Level 1 account as well as the Deployment and Sub Accounts contained underneath it.

You can also apply specific filters to narrow down the list of calls displayed. You can save these filters and download the resulting records as a report. Scheduled reporting can also be setup to generate these reports at pre-determined intervals.

Each call detail record also contains a link to its CDR Details screen. This screen contains additional information related to your call. For example, the reason a call was routed to the ECRC as opposed to the PSAP.

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