Account Dashboard

Enhanced 911

Account At-A-Glance Information

The account dashboard home screen has three at-a-glance sections:

  • General Information: Displays your account details including your account name, account ID, and account level, as well as contact and notification information for your account. Click the pencil icon to edit the general information for your account.
  • Provisioning Statistics: This shows the total provisioned data in your accounts. Depending on your account level and type, the statistics may include locations, subscribers and subnets. Click the View Provisioning Details button to view and manage your account’s provisioning data.
  • 911 Calls Statistics: Displays the total number of 911 calls made from this account for the current and previous month.

Unprovisioned Emergency Calls

If someone in your organization dials 911, but they have not yet been provisioned in the ERS, these calls are considered “unprovisioned” and are routed to the ECRC. The caller provides their location to the ECRC operator.

Important: For proper PSAP routing, it is very important that each individual in your organization is provisioned in the ERS.

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