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Scheduling Reports

After you save filters, you can export these results immediately or setup a schedule to periodically generate these saved filters as reports. You can also setup the ERS to send email notifications once these reports are generated. By default, report scheduling may be disabled on an account and you can contact Midco to enable this setting.

To configure a scheduled report

  1. On the CDR List screen, click on Report button.
  2. The Reports screen displays. Previously configured scheduled reports also appear. To set up a new scheduled report, click + Create a New Report button.
  3. The New Report screen displays. Enter in a name for the scheduled report. This is a mandatory field.
  4. Click on the dropdown menu and choose a filter you had saved in the CDR List screen. If you do not apply a saved filter of your choice, ERS defaults to generate All Records.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Configure the frequency for report generation:
    1. Setup a time: Click on the Start dropdown menu and choose the time. This is a mandatory field and ERS defaults the time to 1 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).
    2. Choose how often you want the report to be generated.
      • For example, choosing Weekly, Every 6 weeks and Sunday at 1 pm EST means that a report will be generated every six weeks on Sunday at 1 pm EST.
  7. Enter a valid email address. An email is sent when the report is generated.
    • Note: Users cannot download the report directly from the email. Users must either login and download it from the portal or use a SOAP request to download the pre-generated report. The Report ID is required for SOAP requests.
  8. Click the Save button to finish configuring a scheduled report.
    • Reports are ready for download in the File Manager as soon as they are generated. Previously-generated reports are overwritten in the File Manager as soon as a new one with the same Report Name is generated. When a report is scheduled to be generated daily, download and save it to ensure that information is not lost.

To edit a report

After a scheduled report is successfully saved, ERS redirects you to the Reports screen. All the saved reports are listed here. To retrieve a specific report, enter its name in the Search bar or browse through the saved list. You can edit the report details and view the ID of the report in this screen.

To edit a report:

  1. From the Reports screen, click on the Edit icon.
  2. Edit the fields as required:
    • Report Name
    • Filter that forms the basis of your report
    • Frequency
    • Email address
  3. Click the Save button to finish editing the report details.

To delete a report

Click on the Delete icon in the Reports screen.

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