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The Provisioning screen displays all the ERLs present in your account in a tabular format, with the most recently added ERL on top. If you have applied filters, only the ERLs matching the filter criteria are displayed.

Subscriber Subtab
The subscriber subtab displays all the subscribers associated to the ERLs in the current account in a tabular format, as shown below. If you have Include Sub Accounts checked in the ERLs subtab or applied filters to narrow down the ERLs list, the subscribers list is also updated to reflect this change.

To access the Provisioning screen

Click Provisioning from the main menu. By default, you will begin in the ERLs subtab.

To change the number of records displayed per page

The portal defaults to display ten records per page.

  1. Click the Records per Page drop-down arrow.
  2. Select the number of records you would like to display. If a large number of records are returned, you can also use the page buttons to cycle through the records.
    • You can also check the Include Sub Accounts checkbox to display your Sub ERLs in this table. The number of ERLs displayed in the table will change to reflect this inclusion.

The Provisioning screen also provides the ability to shorten the list of records through the search and filter options. You can search on the ERLs, Subscribers and Subnets subtab by entering text in the Search bar.

To add an ERL

  1. Click the Add ERL button and the Add ERL screen will open.
  2. Enter the address information for your ERL under Step 1 - Validate Address.
  3. Click the Validate Address button.
    • Note: When you click on Validate Address, ERS processes this address to ensure its accuracy. If any one of the fields you entered for your address is invalid, ERS fails the validation process and you cannot proceed to the next step.
  4. Enter a valid email address under Email Notifications and click the +. This recipient will be notified when an emergency call is made from this ERL.
    • Note: A notification is sent to the email recipient configured only when an emergency call is made from a subscriber associated to this ERL. When a test call originates from this ERL, the email recipient is NOT notified.
  5. Click on the Add ERL button.

To expand filter options

  1. To refine your ERL records, click the blue Filter button.
  2. The filtering options available are displayed.

To apply a filter

The filter options you choose are retained until you log out of the portal.

  1. Select the filter you want to apply from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click on the Filter button.
    • For example, if you wish to retrieve ERLs with a routing status of Enhanced, choose Enhanced from the Routing Status filter, and click on the Filter button. The ERLs list is updated to display only ERLs with a routing status of “Enhanced.”

All of the above are optional and can be used independently of each other. The filtering options are available in all the Provisioning screen subtabs.

To edit an ERL

  1. Select the ERL subtab.
  2. Find the ERL you want to edit, and click on the pencil icon from the associated ERL row. The Edit ERL screen will display.
  3. From the Edit ERL screen, you can:
    • Edit ERL’s address information:
      1. Click on the pencil icon in the address box.
      2. Edit address fields as required and click the Validate Address button.
        • Note: When you edit an ERL and click on the Validate Address button, ERS performs the same address validation checks that it initially does when an ERL is first added. In addition, any relevant error messages are displayed for correction until the record passes all data and validation requirements. Changes made to the ERL are not are saved until they are validated by the ERS.
      3. Click the Save Changes button.
    • Edit ERL’s routing options:
      1. Click on the pencil icon in the routing options box.
      2. Edit Routing Options as required.
      3. Click the Save Changes button.

To delete an ERL

  1. Click on the delete icon from the ERLs subtab and the Delete ERL screen will appear.
  2. Click Confirm to delete the ERL.
    1. Note: When you delete an ERL, any subscribers and subnets associated to it are also automatically deleted.

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