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Three-Way Call

What is a three-way call?

Three-way calling enables you to talk to two people at the same time. You can add a third line to an existing call or put one person on hold and make a second call. Three-way calling can be used on both local and long-distance calls.

How to Make a Three-Way Call

With three way calling, you can join have a phone call with two other phone numbers.

  1. Place your first call on hold by pressing and quickly releasing the Flash or receiver button.
  2. After you hear a second dial tone, dial the second phone number.
  3. When the second caller answers, press and quickly release the Flash or receiver button again to connect all callers.
    • If the second party does not answer or if you get a busy signal, press and release the Flashor receiver button to return to the first caller.
    • If one party disconnects, you can continue talking with the remaining caller.
  4. To completely end the call, simply hang up.

There is no monthly fee for three-way calling.

Can I disable three-way calling from use on my business phone line?

Yes. Midco can disable three-way calling from being used within your business. To turn off three-way calling, contact Midco customer service.

There is a one-time charge for blocking this phone feature.