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Long-Distance and International Calling

If you are changing to Midco’s long-distance service, you must notify your current carrier that you want to terminate your long-distance service with them.

  • Some carriers will require written authorization.
  • If you choose to keep your current long-distance carrier, you must notify them that Midco is now your local phone service provider.


How to make a long-distance or international call

To make a long-distance call

  • Dial 1 + area code + seven-digit phone number.

To make an international call

  • For calls to most countries, dial 011 + country code + 10-digit phone number.
    • Click here for a list of country codes.
    • For calls to countries made within the North American Numbering Plan (which includes Canada, certain areas of Mexico, U.S. territories in the Caribbean and more), you can simply make a long-distance call and not incur international calling charges.

What is a long-distance PIN code?

When a long-distance PIN code is activated, callers from your business must enter the special code in order to make long-distance calls.

  • Verifiable PINs – The most common type of long-distance PINs, verifiable PINs only allow long-distance calls when the caller uses a PIN assigned to that employee or department. Your long-distance call bill will indicate which calls were made using each PIN. Businesses often select verifiable long-distance PINs to hold employees accountable for their calls.
  • Unverifiable PINs – Long-distance calling can also be unverifiable, meaning any PIN code can be used, as long as it matches the quantity of digits you have requested for your account. Customers often use unverifiable PINs for record-keeping purposes. For example, an attorney’s office may assign each client a case number that is used also as the long-distance PIN code. When the office receives its long-distance bill, it simply identifies the calls by case number and may allocate appropriately for their own billing purposes.

There is no monthly fee for long-distance PINs.

How to dial long distance using a PIN

To make a long-distance call with a PIN:

  1. Pick up the handset to your touch-tone phone.
  2. Dial 1 and then the 10-digit, long-distance number.
  3. When you hear the dial tone, enter your PIN. The long-distance call is placed.