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Continuous Redial

How to activate continuous redial

When you use continuous redial, your phone will automatically redial a busy number you’re trying to reach. The redial process lasts up to 30 minutes or until the phone is answered. You can still receive other calls in your business during the 30-minute continuous redial process.

To activate continuous redial:

  1. When you call a number and receive a busy signal, hang up your touch-tone phone.
  2. Pick up the receiver (desk phone) or turn on your cordless phone to make a call, and dial *66.
  3. Hang up the phone. The phone system will continuously redial the same number.
  4. A special callback ring notifies you when the call connects. Simply pick up your phone to begin the conversation.

There is a charge each time you activate continuous redial.

How to deactivate continuous redial

You can turn off continuous redial after you’ve set it up for a specific phone number, but before the call has connected.

To deactivate continuous redial:

  • Pick up your touch-tone phone’s receiver (desk phone) or turn on your cordless phone, and dial *86.

Can I disable continuous redial from use on my business phone line?

Yes. Midco can disable continuous redial from being used within your business. To turn off continuous redial, contact Midco customer service.

There is a one-time charge associated with blocking this phone feature.