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Parental Controls

MidcoTV Parental Controls

Important: Parental controls are not set by default. This means all content is available for viewing until you apply controls based on your preferences.

Make sure your customers only have access to the shows you want them to watch. Configure your parental control settings on each MidcoTV device at your business to filter programs, so they only see and record content you approve as suitable for them.

With parental controls, you can also lock channels and set rating limits on movies and TV shows. A passcode or PIN is needed to view programs that exceed rating limits or are on locked channels.

Note: Parental controls you set on your MidcoTV do not affect Netflix, web videos, Prime Video or other apps. You may also want to update your Google account to require a password to make any in-app purchase.

Set Parental Controls

To enable MidcoTV parental controls:

  1. Press the TiVo button on your remote control.
  2. Press left and select Menu.
  3. Choose Parental Controls.
  4. Next to Parental Controls, select Off and press OK.
  5. Select a four-digit PIN using the number pad on your remote. Enter your PIN again to confirm it.

Parental controls will now appear as On – Unlocked. To lock it, select On – Unlocked and press OK.

Note: All menu settings will require the parental control PIN to be used to change any setting while in either On status. If you forget your PIN, contact us.

  • To hide adult content, select Off and press OK. It will now show as On.
  • To set rating limits, choose Select rating limits and press OK. Set your desired rating limits for TV and movies. Then, press the Back button when you’ve selected the options you want.

Change Parental Control PIN

To change your parental control PIN:

  1. Press the TiVo button on your remote control.
  2. Press left and select Menu.
  3. Choose Parental Controls.
  4. Select Change PIN.
  5. Enter your current PIN, and then enter a new PIN.

Acceptable use of any application is determined solely by the application provider and may not be available for Business use.

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