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Advanced Settings

Manage your default key settings, error handling and other settings in the Advanced tab.

To change your default key settings:

  1. Under the All Lines section of your CommPortal for business group administrators, click Attendants.
  2. Next to a number, select the Prem AA text link.
  3. On the Premium AA window, click Open Attendant Settings and then the Advanced tab.
  4. Click the Default keys tab if it does not automatically show for you.
  5. Use the dropdown to customize your default key settings, which include these options:
    • Do Nothing: Callers will not be prompted to do anything with this key.
    • Transfer to Phone: Callers can be transferred to another line.
    • Transfer to Voicemail: Callers can be transferred to a voicemail system.
    • Intercept mailbox: Callers will be transferred to the intercept voicemail mailbox.
    • Dial by Extension: Callers can press this key to dial a direct-party extension.
    • Return to Previous Menu: Callers can return to a previous menu.
    • Replay Menu: Callers can hear menu options again.
  6. Click Apply to save your changes.