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Activate Settings

Premium Attendant allows multiple menus with a finer scheduling control. It also includes call handling options such as voicemail by extension, as well as greater control over the key settings.

You must add or update your attendant settings before activating Premium Attendant. Follow the various steps throughout this guide to manage those settings.

To activate your attendant after you’ve created all of your settings

  1. Under the All Lines section of your CommPortal for business group administrators, click Attendants.
  2. Next to a number, select the Prem AA text link.
  3. On the Premium AA window, click Open Attendant Settings and then the Main tab.
  4. Under Activation Status, click Turn ON. A green checkmark under Service Status will verify that it has been setup correctly.
    • Note: A message may appear if you still have settings to complete – such as if you need a recorded menu greeting for every schedule.
  5. Click Close to return to your CommPortal menu.

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