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Recording Controls

A number of controls are provided for recording your greetings, messages and announcements. Greetings with an asterisk (*) symbol next to them are already recorded.

Important: When you first use the Greeting Recorder, you will be prompted to allow the CommPortal to use your computer microphone for recording.

Record button: Starts recording and will overwrite any message you have previously recorded.

Stop recording button: Stops recording a message.

Play button: Plays back your recorded message. This action will be unavailable if you have not yet recorded a message.

Stop playing button: Stops playing a message.

Microphone control button: Turns the microphone audio/gain up and down.

Slider/gain control: Moves up and down to adjust the volume level or gain.

Microphone audio indicator (during recording): Displays above the recording bar and shows how loud the signal is from your microphone. If the microphone gain is set correctly, then several green lights should appear while you are recording. If only one or two appear, then the gain is set too low, and your message will be too quiet. If red lights appear, the gain is set too high and your message will be distorted.

Playback volume button: Adjust the playback volume by clicking this button and moving the slider to set the required volume level.

Adobe Flash Player settings button: Allows you to view and change your Adobe Flash Player Settings, for example to adjust the settings for your microphone.

To record a greeting and play it back

  1. On the recording window, click Record/Listen Greeting.
  2. Click the record button. Speak your message into your microphone. When you’re finished, click the stop button.
  3. Click the play button to play back your message to ensure it has recorded correctly. To stop playback, click the stop button. 
  4. To re-record your message, click the record button again. This will overwrite your previous message.

To upload a recorded greeting and play it back

  1. On the recording window, click Upload Greeting.
  2. Review the description of acceptable file formats. Greetings must be under 30 seconds in length.
  3. Click Choose File, navigate to your preferred file on your computer, and click Open.
  4. Click Upload and then Save.
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