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Technician Visit

Professional Midco technicians visit businesses in our service area to install services, as well as troubleshoot and solve service issues.

We schedule fixed wireless internet appointments in morning or afternoon time slots (such as 8 am-12 pm or 1-5 pm). Installation and service calls take more time for fixed wireless due to the nature of the networking technology and the service area for this type of internet.

What to Expect from a Tech Visit

  • A professional Midco technician will visit your business to locate the best signal with the intention of performing a full install. If we are unable to get a proper signal to your location, there will be no cost or obligation to you.
  • For installations, we will install an antenna on your property, which points toward a Midco antenna and fiber located on a tall structure, such as a water tower or elevator.
  • An adult (aged 18+) who is authorized on the account must be present for the duration of the visit. If you are unable to be present during your scheduled installation time, please leave this completed form authorizing your designee to sign for the installation and connection of Midco services at your residence.
  • Our technician will call you when they’re on their way. (The call will be from our 1.800.888.1300 number.)
  • All of our technicians wear Midco gear and have a Midco badge, so you can be sure they are one of our team members.
  • Midco technicians wear booties on their shoes to make sure they don’t track in your home. We also take care to clean up any messes we may make.

If you need to schedule or reschedule a technician visit, please contact us.

Visit Checklist

If you’re installing new services, adding on a service or a tech is visiting to help move your services, check out this important pre-install checklist:

  • Devices: You should have at least one device per Midco service set up in advance of the technician’s visit. (For example, you should have a computer or laptop available.) That way, the technician can test and make sure your services are working properly.
  • Router: Business fixed wireless customers provide their own router. Please have this available for the technician, so we can connect to it.
  • Cable, Power or Networking Outlets: If you have requested that we install new networking outlets during the appointment, make sure a licensed electrician has performed any necessary “fishing” of cables through the walls. If it isn’t available within the walls for an outlet, we won’t be able to complete installation on that particular outlet. If you’re having problems with an outlet you need us to troubleshoot, be sure to make sure the area around that outlet is clear.
  • Be sure to secure any pets you have in your business or in your yard. The technician may need access to your yard, depending on the reason for the visit.