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Parental Controls

Can my business use parental controls on my cable TV?

Business customers with digital equipment from Midco that provides access to an interactive cable TV guide can use parental controls to monitor programming.

How to use parental controls

Parental control instructions can be found in the parental controls video tutorial or in the following steps.

To activate parental controls, you must set a personalized, four-digit PIN to place Locks on programming based on movie ratings, TV and content ratings, channels or titles. You can also hide adult titles from displaying on your interactive guide.

To provide you with the greatest convenience, there are multiple methods you can use to set a Lock.

  • Select Lock on the Quick Menu.
  • Select Lock from any program information screen to lock a specific program.
  • On the Main Menu or Setup Menu, access Parental Controls to establish or modify all Lock information.

With each of these actions, if you have not yet set up a PIN, you will be prompted to enter a four-digit PIN to activate the Lock feature.

How to block programming by content or rating

It’s easy to block programming based on its content and/or rating. On the Main Menu, select the Parental Controls button, select whether you’d like to manage your Lock settings based on Movie Rating, TV Rating, TV Content, Channel Title or Service.

  • Select TV Content to lock the level of explicit content based on your viewing preference for violence, language, sexual situations and suggestive dialogue.
  • Select Movie Ratings or TV Ratings to block content by ratings. The guide will automatically block that content with that rating and more restrictive ratings. For example, if you lock PG-13, content that’s classified as R, NC-17 and adult will also be blocked.

How to see which programs and channels are blocked

  1. On the Main Menu, select the Parental Controls button.
  2. Enter your PIN when prompted. Locks will automatically be restored when you tune away from the channel or turn off your set-top box.

How to bypass or clear parental control locks

You may periodically wish to simplify viewing by temporarily opening or clearing each Lock.

  1. On the Setup Menu, select Parental Controls Setup.
  2. Under Master Locks, change the options from No to Yes to clear your lock settings.

How to restore my parental control locks

Locks may be restored in any of the following ways:

  • While watching TV, press the Lock button anytime, and enter your PIN.
  • On the Setup Menu, select Parental Controls Setup. Under Master Locks, change the options from Yes to No to turn Locks back on.
  • Turn off your cable box and turn it back on again.

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