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Pre-Roll Ad Reporting

To view in-depth metrics on your Pre-Roll campaign(s):

  • On the left-side navigation menu, click Pre-Roll. Wait a few moments for the data to load.
  • To download a CSV file of your Pre-Roll analytics, click Download next to the word "Pre-Roll" at the top of the dashboard.

Quick Stats

  • Impressions: The total number of times your ad was shown.
  • Completion Rates: Percentage of videos that played through to completion.
  • Visits: The total number of clicks and view-throughs to your website.
  • View-Throughs: The number of users who visited your website without clicking on the ad.
  • Clicks: The number of users who clicked on the ad and were brought to the landing page on your website.


The Map section displays the zip codes where your pre-roll ad is being served and resulting in impressions.

  • Click and drag your cursor over the map to view different areas.
  • Use the + or buttons to zoom in or out. Double-click to zoom in quickly.
  • Select a Product (such as pre-roll) to show or hide it from the map.
  • Hover over geographic segments to display average home value, median age, average income, average people (#) per household, city name and zip code. If data is available, you will also see the Lift calculation.
  • Hover over the Lift Distribution bars to see details about where your ad was more likely to cause site visits.
  • Hover over the walking person icon(s) to see how your ads performed within specified geofences.

Daily Stats

Use the graph in the Daily Stats section to view how your pre-roll creative performed over time, based on pre-roll retargeting impressions, pre-roll impressions and completion rate.

  • Click the metric name to show or hide the trend line on the graph.


Evaluate pre-roll performance data to understand user engagement with your video ads in the Creatives section.

  • Completion rate statistics show how far users make it through the pre-roll video ads. This is expressed in quartiles – how many watch 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the ad.
  • Click Play to view the video.
  • Use the left and right arrows to toggle between different creative.

Pre-Roll Lift

Lift is an advanced metric that quantifies the difference in the rate of site visits – by comparing people who are exposed to your digital ads and those who are not. Lift reporting is available if you:

  • Set up the tracking tag (provided by Midco) correctly on your website.
  • Run a campaign uninterrupted for 90 days, with 150,000+ impressions.

Lift Trend

Use the Lift Trend graph to see how your pre-roll lift has changed over time, as well as your exposed rate and baseline rate.

  • Click the metric name to show or hide it from the graph.


View a complete list of domains or apps that your pre-roll ad appeared on – sorted by impressions, clicks and click rate – in the Placements section. Use this data to identify top performing placements with site-level click data.

  • Click a column name to sort the table by the column data.
  • Select the download symbol to download the placement data to a CSV file.


View a breakdown of how your pre-roll ad performed on different devices in the Devices section.

  • Use the left and right arrows to toggle between impressions by device type and clicks by device type.

Geographic Performance

View pre-roll ad performance based on location using the Geographic Performance section. This can be used to confirm geographic targeting, as well as compare relative performance between cities in the campaign.

  • Click a column name to sort the table by the column data.

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