Step into the future of communication with Midco's CommPortal.

In a dynamic business environment, effective communication is crucial. Midco's CommPortal is an integral feature of both Midco Business VoIP Phone and VoIP Phone Pro, serving as a user-friendly, online extension of your desktop phone equipment. This intuitive portal simplifies the management of call routing, user settings and preferences, enabling users to stay connected and in control. With CommPortal, managing your communication system becomes a streamlined, seamless experience, reflecting the sophistication and agility of modern business operations.

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Boost your biz talk with VoIP phone systems.

At Midco, “one-size-fits-all" is not in our vocabulary. Our VoIP phone system is the chameleon of communication, adapting to offer the flexibility, scalability and reliability your business craves.  With CommPortal, you get a comprehensive phone system – and a technology that grows with you.

Why choose Midco's CommPortal?

Midco's CommPortal is a centralized online platform that delivers exceptional convenience and control to both administrators and employees alike. Here’s how:

Customizable call settings: Tailor your call experience by easily blocking unwanted spam calls or forwarding important calls to your mobile device, all through the CommPortal.

Efficient weekly scheduling: Set up your weekly schedule to automatically forward calls during specific times such as lunch breaks, after hours or weekends. You can also schedule call routing for holidays and planned time off.

Voicemail management system: With CommPortal, managing your voicemail becomes effortless. Record personalized greetings, forward voicemails to email and access your messages from anywhere.

Contact organization: Keep your contacts in order easily. Add new contacts manually or by importing them, organize them into groups and even export your contacts for external use.

Midco ensures administrators are fully trained to manage user settings and access, empowering employees with the flexibility to customize certain aspects themselves – all conveniently from their computer or mobile device.

Dive into the communication revolution with Midco's CommPortal.

CommPortal can be a breakthrough in business communication, making every call count, every message matter and every connection a chance to impress. With Midco, you're not just staying connected; you're staying ahead. 

Over 1 million homes and businesses in more than 400 communities are already experiencing the Midco difference. Join the revolution of connectivity, excellence and innovation. Ready to take your business communication to the next level?

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