Case Studies

Using Cross-Channel Video Ads to Raise Brand Awareness

Apr 12, 2019 | 1 min read

Tags: Advertising

Intek group photo

Intek Cleaning & Restoration is a full-service, professional cleaning and restoration company based in southeast South Dakota, with locations in Sioux Falls and Yankton.

The Intek team wanted to increase their brand awareness online – and bring their target audience back to their website. Following the success of their previous and current cable TV ads, we launched a series of pre-roll video advertising campaigns.

"What we had been doing had been successful – but we are always open to new ideas," said Todd Lubenow, Intek’s Director of Business Development. "Our consultant spoke highly of this, so we thought we would give it a shot."

Midco had previously created 30-second spots for TV, so our production team quickly cut one down to 15-seconds for pre-roll.

The result? Intek’s website analytics show a steady increase in web visitor traffic – and those visitors are engaging with the site. The visitors driven by Midco-created ad strategies stay on the site for an average of 45-seconds, and their employment campaigns led to multi-page site engagement.

"Our advertising sales consultant is always on the ball and makes me feel like she is putting our marketing dollars in the most valuable place for us," said Lubenow. "Our local numbers are blowing the national average out of the water."