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A Custom Solution for Seamless Connectivity

Jan 03, 2020 | 3 min read

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Kilbourne Group is a real estate firm focused on redeveloping mixed-use properties in downtown Fargo. The company’s vision is one part renovation, one part innovation. With the Woodrow Apartments, Kilbourne Group took a century-old, out-of-commission school building and saved it from an uncertain future – creating beautiful apartments that mingle historic character with modern convenience.

Part of creating a contemporary living and working environment for residents is providing top-of-the-line amenities – chief among those being seamless, steadfast wireless internet connectivity.

"We know that having Wi-Fi and being connected is very important to our residents. We want to ensure that wherever they are in the building – the courtyard, the gymnasium, in their friend’s apartment or common areas, or in their own unit – that they have a Wi-Fi system that’s working as advertised. No issues, no hardware problems," explains Kilbourne Group Project Manager Mike Zimney.

Kilbourne Group has made a significant investment in downtown Fargo. Zimney has seen a comparable level of dedication to the community from Midco, which is why the Kilbourne team chose Midco to collaborate on a managed Wi-Fi solution.

A Custom Solution

With options for individual networks in each unit, building-wide networks and more, Midco’s Wi-Fi solution for multi-unit structures is ideal for properties like The Woodrow Apartments and others looking to stand out to potential residents.

The result is complete, continuous connectivity with ongoing management by Midco experts. Zimney and the Kilbourne team appreciate that this hands-on, customized approach allows them to be hands-off.

"We don't have to worry about it. We know our residents are in good hands. We know it's going to be working 24/7."

"We’ve set what we want for our system to be and it’s nice that Midco is providing that," says Zimney. "And we don’t need to have our own internal staff trying to provide hardware solutions or management or support for residents. It’s very beneficial to know we’re in good hands, that we can have this great product, and as a development company, we’re able to focus our efforts on developing properties, instead of trying to manage Wi-Fi systems."

Zimney also appreciates that if there are issues, residents can call Midco directly for support any time of day – or night.

"We know we have a Midco IT staff and that’s all they do – is manage these types of network systems. So we don’t have to worry about it. We know our residents are in good hands. We know it’s going to be working 24/7," he adds.

A Coveted Amenity

The feedback Kilbourne Group has received from residents has been overwhelmingly positive. They like being able to move about the property while remaining connected. And for the residents who work from home, having first-in-class internet service has been a great experience.

Kilbourne Group sees The Woodrow Apartments as a catalyst project for its pocket of downtown Fargo. Renovating the historic structure as a cornerstone of the neighborhood has sparked other redevelopment nearby. And as Kilbourne Group continues to participate in this reinvigoration of the community, Zimney knows that Midco will have resident connectivity covered.

"We wanted a partner to provide a first-in-class product that meets the expectations of our residents and businesses. Working with Midco, moving forward, we know we’ll be able to have the same type of experience as we transition to other properties, and other business locations and projects," he says.

And Kilbourne Group isn’t just standing out with its redevelopment vision – they’re also making waves with technology.

"It’s been nice being on the cutting edge, and we’re happy with Midco’s investment in this technology," adds Zimney.

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