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Call Forwarding

What is call forwarding?

Are you leaving your business, but don’t want to miss an important call? Call forwarding enables you to forward your incoming phone calls to an alternate number. You can forward phone calls to local, mobile, long-distance and international phone numbers.

Monthly fees may apply depending on how you use the call forwarding features. Calls forwarded outside the local calling area will incur applicable international or long-distance charges.

How to turn on call forwarding

To temporarily forward calls to another number, even your cell phone:

  1. On your touch-tone phone, press *72.
  2. When you hear the dial tone, dial the number you want to receive your forwarded calls. Wait for the person to answer.
  3. If no one answers the phone, or the line is busy, hang up and repeat steps 1 and 2. When call forwarding universal has been activated, you will hear a fast busy signal.
  4. To verify your calls are being forwarded, press *72 on your touch-tone phone. If you hear, “Your call forwarding is currently active,” call forwarding universal is working. If not, repeat steps 1 and 2.

How to turn off call forwarding

To deactivate call forwarding, press *73 on your touch-tone phone. The stutter tone followed by fast busy signal indicates to you that your calls are no longer being forwarded.

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