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Call Park

The call park feature allows you to put a call on hold on one phone and continue the conversation from another desktop calling device.

To park a call
  1. After answering the call, press the Transfer softkey.
  2. Dial 101. The call is now held in Call Park 1.
    • If you are parking more than one call at a time, dial 102 for Call Park 2, dial 103 for Call Park 3, and so forth.

You can end the call only after the call is transferred.

To retrieve a parked call
  1. Press the Call button to hear the dial tone.
  2. Dial *46, and then dial 100 to pick up Call Park 1.
    • Dial 101 to retrieve Call Park 2, dial 102 for Call Park 3, and so forth.
  3. Press the Dial button to answer the parked call.