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To place a call:

You can place a call from Contacts, Recent Calls or to a favorite.
Do one of the following from the Home screen and the contact will be dialed automatically:

  • Tap Place a Call, enter the phone number, and tap green call icon.
  • Tap a Favorite.
  • Tap Contacts, select a directory, select a contact, and tap Dial.
  • Tap Recent Calls and select a contact.

To answer a call:

Tap the green call icon.

To end a call:

Tap the red hang up icon while on an active call.


To view recent calls:

Tap Recent Calls.

To mute your microphone:

Tap Mute icon or tap the Mute keys on the system or microphone.

  • The Mute icon changes to red and the Mute keys glow red.

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