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VVX 601 Equipment

Your desktop equipment is enabled with a touchscreen display, which is similar to a cell phone or tablet screen. Here are a few tips for using your touchscreen:

  • Tap to select and highlight screen items on your touchscreen.
  • To scroll, touch the screen and swipe your finger up, down, right or left.
  • To go back to a previous screen, tap Back.

To enter data, use one of the following methods:

  • Use the onscreen keyboard by tapping the keyboard softkey. To type other characters, tap Encoding or Mode.
  • Use the dial pad buttons by pressing a dial pad button repeatedly to view the character options. Stop to select. To type other characters, use the 1, *, 0 and # buttons.


You can easily adjust the ringer or call volume.

  • To change the call volume, press the plus or minus toggle buttons during a call.
  • To change the ringer volume, press the plus or minus toggle buttons when the equipment is idle or ringing.


Although the microphone picks up your voice, you can mute your microphone so others cannot hear you when you’re using the handset, headset or speakers.

  • Press the mute button so other parties can’t hear you.
  • Press the mute button again to unmute.

Update VVX 601 Equipment Configuration

  1. Press the Home button. 
  2. Press Settings, then Basic
  3. Tap Update Configuration
    • Confirm by pressing Yes.

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