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Conference Calls

To place a conference call

Note: Contact directory is not functional when creating a conference call.

You can make conference calls with up to three participants. There are multiple options to connect to a conference call.

  • When no call is connected yet:
    1. Dial the first party’s number.
    2. After the call connects, tap Confrnc.
    3. Connect with the second party by dialing that number, and tap Confrnc again.
    4. Tap End Call to end the call.
  • When you have an active call and a held call, tap Join to set up a conference call.

To manage a conference call

From the Lines or Calls view:

  • Tap Hold to hold all participants.
  • Tap End Call to remove yourself from the call but keep the other participants connected.
  • Tap Manage to manage each participant.
  • Tap Split to end the conference and hold all participants

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