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Only one call can be active at one time. You can use the handset, speakers or headset for calls.

  • During a call, you can change modes by picking up the handset or by pressing the speaker or headset button.
  • If you navigate away from your call(s) during a call, tap the Return to Calls button on your screen to see the Active Calls or the Calls view again.

Your Polycom VVX 601 equipment supports wired and wireless headsets, including electronic hook switch (EHS) headsets.


Your desktop equipment has four main views on its screen.

Lines View

This default view displays contact or number lines, favorites and softkeys. You can access this view at any time. If your equipment is idle:

  • Tap the line to access the dialer.

Home View

With this view, icons display on the screen to help you access many functions. You can access this view by pressing the Home button.

  • Swipe to display more icons.
  • Touch and hold the page indicator at the bottom of the screen to display more or fewer icons.

Active Call View

If you have one active call, you can access this view, which shows you the call you’re on and how long you’ve been on the call.

Calls View

You can access this view if you have one or more active calls. The color of the call on your screen indicates the status of the calls.

  • Dark green is an active call.
  • Dark blue marks incoming and held calls.
  • Bright green shows the active call is highlighted.
  • Bright blue indicates the incoming or held call is highlighted.

Tap a call to highlight it. The softkeys alongside your display screen control the highlighted call.

To change views

  • Press the Home button for the Home view.
  • From the Home view, press the Home button to alternate between the Home and Lines views.
  • If you have one or more calls, press the Home button to switch between the Home view and the Calls or Active Calls.
    • To switch between the Lines view and either Calls or Active Call view, swipe the screen.
  • From the Home view, tap the line to display your lines and favorites. To go back, tap Close.

To place a call

Choose one of these options.

  • Pick up the handset, press the speaker button, or select the headset button. Enter the number, and tap the new call softkey.
  • From the Lines view, tap the line you want to use. Enter the number, and tap the new call softkey.
  • From the Home view, tap New Call, enter the number and tap the New call softkey.
  • To quickly place a call, tap a recent call or a Favorite contact from that list, or tap a contact’s number in the contact directory.

If you have multiple lines on your display, select the preferred line prior to making a call:

  1. Press Line softkey and select the number you want to appear on the recipient’s caller ID.
  2. Enter the recipient’s number.
  3. Press the new call softkey.

To answer a call

  1. Press the speaker button, or tap the Answer softkey on your screen.
  2. Pick up the handset.
  3. Press the headset button.
  4. Tap Answer while you’re on an active call. The current call will be held.

To answer another call

The softkey number will blink green when receiving a call.

  1. Press the blinking number softkey.
  2. Pick up the handset.

To end an active call

Choose one of these options.

  • Hang up the handset.
  • Press the speaker button
  • Select the handset button.
  • Tap End Call on your screen.

To access your call history

  1. Press the Call List softkey. This initial page will show all calls on the list.
  2. Sort the List by pressing the Filter softkey.
  3. Select the desired call list.
    • Most Recent Calls: Shows the 10 most recent calls.
    • Missed Calls: Shows the recent missed calls.
    • Answered Calls: Shows the recent answered calls.
    • Dialed Calls: Shows recently dialed calls.
  4. To choose a different filter, press the Filter button on the right on this screen.
  5. Press Exit at any time to leave the list.

To clear your recent call indicator

Press the Recent Call Indicator softkey. When you return to your main screen, the recent call indicator will be cleared. 

To ignore or silence a call

  • Press the Ignore softkey to ignore a call on individual lines.
  • Press the Silence softkey to silence a call on shared lines.

Your display will show the incoming call notification in the event you wish to answer the call.

To reject a call

From the incoming call window, press Reject to send a call directly to your voicemail. You can also reject an incoming call from the Lines or Calls views. You cannot reject calls on shared lines.

To put a call on hold

  • From the Lines, Calls or Active Call view, tap Hold. If you’re in the Calls view, remember to highlight the call first.
  • To resume a held call, navigate to the Calls or Lines view, and tap Resume.

To place an active call on hold and make a new call

  1. Press Hold.
  2. Dial the number. Both numbers will appear on the screen.

To end a held active call

  1. Navigate to the Calls view, and highlight the held call.
  2. Tap Resume, and then tap End Call.

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