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The Polycom VOIP 6000 is a superior IP conference phone with background noise suppression and resistance to mobile phone and wireless interference. This equipment is ideal for small to mid-size conference rooms.


  1. Select – Select a field of displayed data, or toggle features on or off.
  2. Scroll (arrows) – Use arrows to scroll through displayed information, and enable or disable fields. From the idle screen, you can also view speed dial information (up scroll) - or view missed calls (down scroll).
  3. Volume – Adjust the volume of the speaker and the ringer.
  4. Mute – Toggle the microphone on or off during a conversation.
  5. Dial pad – Dial phone numbers, and enter information for new contacts.
  6. Redial – Automatically dial the last number called.
  7. Call – Initiate or end a call.
  8. Softkeys – Select specific context-sensitive functions that display on the screen above each softkey.
  9. Exit – Exit the current screen and return to the previous menu.
  10. Menu – Access additional features and configuration settings. You can also exit the current screen and return to the idle screen.
  11. LCD graphic display – See time and date, menus and softkeys, as well as information about calls, messages and features. The information display line (the line that displays the directory number) also displays icons and text, such as:
    • Pop-up text (such as network error messages)
    • Do not disturb text/icon
    • Call forwarding text/icon
    • Missed call text (such as “4 new missed calls”)
    • Presence text (such as “Busy”)
    • Prompt text (such as “Enter URL”)
    • Time and date text
    If there are multiple information items, they will display in a scrolling fashion.


You can easily adjust the ringer or call volume.

  • To change the volume during an active call, press the volume control buttons to increase or decrease the volume.
  • To change the ringer volume, press the volume control buttons when the equipment is either idle or ringing.


Although the microphone picks up your voice, you can mute your microphone so others cannot hear you when you’re using the equipment.

  • During an active call, press the Mute button so others can’t hear you.
  • Press the Mute button again to unmute.

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